about us


ARQ seeks to endorse the policies and procedures of our industry’s governing bodies and support our members in understanding and implementing them.

ARQ encourages collaboration amongst its members by connecting them through events and advocating for initiatives that raise the standards and performance of our industry.



The Aquatics and Recreation Queensland’s (ARQ) mission is to foster collaboration with members by connecting them through events and advocating for initiatives that elevate the industry’s standards and performance.

ARQ is encouraging the industry in Queensland to come together and support a body that exists to support them. Join now.


Aquatics and Recreation Queensland (ARQ) was rebranded from AlfaQ in 2023 to reflect a new significance in the aquatic and recreation industries. Continuing the work created by AlfaQ and its board prior to COVID and incorporating it into the future.

our Purpose


ARQ’s role as an organisation is aligned with promoting and supporting established guidelines, regulations, and best practices set by our industry’s authorities. This shows a commitment to maintaining standards, ensuring quality, and enhancing the overall integrity of the industry.


ARQ’s mission to support members in understanding and implementing industry policies and best practices is both valuable and crucial. This commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and governance will foster trust, enhance performance, and drive industry improvement.


Events are an excellent way to foster collaboration and build a stronger community among your members. They offer a platform for sharing experiences, learning from each other, and forging partnerships that can lead to collective growth and success


ARQ’s role in advocating for initiatives that enhance industry standards and performance is vital for the sustained growth and evolution of your industry.

meet the board members

Jay Clarke – President

City Venue Management (CVM) – Managing Director / Chief Growth Officer

As a second generation aquatic centre operator, Jay combines his extensive industry experience with his thirst for continuous betterment to improve CVM’s group of brands and the aquatic and fitness industry at large. Jay is the president of the Australian Leisure Facilities Association QLD (AlfaQ) and operates 32 venues in QLD with brands such as Rackley Swimming, Fish N Flips Swim Schools, City Aquatics and City Health Clubs.

Dan Kwaczynski – Vice President

Maytronics Australia – Managing Director

From his operations and marketing Base, developed in Australia, Asia & Europe, Dan entered the pool industry in 2005. Dan was one of the leaders at Queensland based Poolrite Equipment for 5 years, a full line pool equipment manufacturer. After that introduction to the pool industry, Dan commenced the greenfield Maytronics Australia which has now grown significantly over the last 12 years encompassing supply through Australia, NZ, Asia and Africa becoming one of the industry’s leading supply companies. Dan is passionate about the industry and the experience it delivers patrons and pool owners. Dan has also volunteered at ALFAQ, ALFA and various AS and ISO standards committees.

Nicky Sloan – Secretary

CVM Academy – CEO

Working in the aquatics industry for over 10 years, Nicky is a commercial and results driven leader who brings a wealth of experience in aligning people capabilities with business strategy and developing a high performance organisational culture. Nicky leads the people strategy across multiple brands and has a passion for creating career pathways and learning and development opportunities for people within the Aquatic and Leisure Industry at large. Nicky is Secretary at Australian Leisure Facilities Association QLD (AlfaQ) and looks forward to using her experience to make an impact in our industry here in QLD.

Dan Cullen – Board Member

Belgravia Leisure State Manager QLD/NT

Dan has a high level of experience in managing a wide range of Aquatic & Leisure facilities having been involved in the industry for 30 years; 18 of which he has spent servicing communities of Queensland. In that time, he has overseen Belgravia Leisure’s steady growth throughout Queensland and NT, with a total portfolio of 45 Aquatic, Leisure and Holiday Park Venues. Dan provides the Leadership and direction to over 1000 staff throughout these regions and plays a pivotal role in ensuring Belgravia Leisure meets its contract requirements with more than 15 Local Government Partners

Matt Howes – Board Member

Sunshine Coast Council

Matt has extensive experience in local government and the leisure industry sector, leaning specifically into contract and asset management, facility operations and professional life guard services. In a career spanning 20 years he has established relationships with industry leading contract partners, consultants and local government networks. Matt is currently a member of the National Aquatic Industry Committee (NAIC) and a continuing member of the Australian Leisure Facilities Association QLD (AlfaQ). He is excited to continue this association.

Ken Chandler – Board Member

ASETQ – Managing Director

Ken is the Managing Director for Aquatic Services Equipment and Training Qld (ASETQ). In his 30-plus years of involvement with the aquatic industry, he has been involved in Pool Operators, Lifeguarding, Facility Management and Facility upgrades. He has a passion for Swimming, Water Safety and Lifesaving and believes these activities should be available in all parts of Queensland. He currently travels throughout Queensland providing Training and Consultancy Services to Public Pools and Councils to obtain the most up-to-date training and operational systems. He has been a Board Member of the Australian Leisure Facilities Association Qld (ALFAQ) for a number of years and uses his experience to update many Councils and Aquatic Facilities throughout Central & Western Queensland.

Lindsay McGrath – Board Member


Lindsay is the CEO of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia and New Zealand. Known for developing intrapreneurial, start-up styled cultures Lindsay has a wide range of experiences and leadership roles across various trades, global corporations, and the non-for-profit sector. Obsessed with helping organisations develop purposeful and profitable experiences. A founding Director of several not-for profit trade associations and one global alliance. A lover of education, Lindsay is most proud of his role in the creation of several new trade qualifications across Australasia.

Cath Sharples – Board Member

Brisbane City Council

Cath has 25 years experience within the Sports and Aquatic industry, with roles across Australia and New Zealand. She manages her own Promotional Company for Fitness Centres, Management of Public and Private Aquatics and Leisure Centres and currently has 13 years with Brisbane City Council Contract and Asset Management within City Venues. Cath assists in overseeing 22 aquatics venues along with sports field management.  Cath’s main focus is to support all stakeholders ensure contract compliance, operational governance, along with providing authoritative, professional, strategic WHS advice relating to the aquatics industry to lessees, senior managers and other key stakeholders, whilst ensuring a strong customer outcome focus. Cath’s passion and commitment for the Sports and Aquatics industry continues in this role with ALFAQ and has also seen past roles as an inaugural National Aquatics Industry Safety Committee Member with Royal Life Saving National for 5 years, and local government rep for  Austswims Qld Advisory (Safety rep) Committee, and continues to have strong relationships throughout the SEQ LGA Network Group.